Adidas Pureboost Rbl Review


It is the biggest problem of runners, especially those who are new to run; Im What shoes should I buy? D I had a lot of difficulty when I started running. For this reason I have studied a lot, I have read a lot, and I have written a lot (1, 2, 3), but I have learned from all these researches; By simply reading it, you cannot choose shoes by searching. Of course there are some basic things that should be known about this subject, but there are some basic things to learn, to try, to experience and sometimes to learn by mistake. Reading is a fact that research will reduce the number of shoes you will try. That’s why we write, we share our experience as much as possible. Just remember: people and their feet, legs, presses are different, these differences should always be kept in mind, taking into consideration the fact of writing and reading the review. I would also like to share my experience with Adidas’s Pureboost RBL model today for the same reason and method.

The first thing to say about Pureboost RBL is that its image is a bit unusual. Although we have been accustomed to seeing different types of running shoes recently, we still need to talk about this feature. Shoes in the form of a full sock began to multiply. This is one of them. The shoe has no separate language.

General Properties

What’s more, the Pureboost RBL has rubber-like stripes that rise up a lot. The fabric / braid used at the top is very different. Like the top of Ultraboost 3.0, it is not overly soft, nor does it look like neoprene, like the top of Solarboost. They have a different knit structure. As it stands, it wraps the foot but does not prevent it from breathing. The interesting part is that it doesn’t get water though it feels like it’s breathing. The material used is) water repellent “. So when water splashes, the water cannot wet the material there, so the shoe remains dry. I ran very lightly in the rain and where the water puddles a little splashing and my feet did not get wet. I don’t know how it behaves in heavy rain or water. But I guess it will remain dry when it is owed to its water repellent fabric. This material used in the upper part also has a reflective property, so it contributes a lot to the visibility at night.


On both sides of Pureboost, there is neither a plastic piece like Ultraboost nor a tighter and thicker section, such as Solarboost. Here, that is, in the place that supports the middle part of the foot on both sides, there is nothing special outside; There is only the paint in the form of three lines of the brand. Inside, there is a thin plastic cage that you can feel if you can’t feel it standing but with your hand. This plastic is both thin and very soft; I guess they just didn’t want to entrust this part to the weave fabric. The middle and front of the foot does not want to control / those who do not like the beautiful design. There is nothing disturbing in these sections. It doesn’t easily stretch and lose its shape, so the foot is wrapped enough. Even the front part can be called a bit too tight. This tightness seems to be more than when it was first worn, but it doesn’t bother when it comes to running.

Another interesting thing about the upper part is the bulging stuff on both sides of the heel. They look very strange from the outside. When pressed with finger, they are very soft, but not so soft on the inside. The heel has gently rigid material supported from both sides. I don’t know why they’re so soft outside, not inside. Every time I get to my feet, I feel things touching hard on both sides of my heel, and I’m awkward, but I don’t notice this when I run. That’s how I say that he’s doing his job. ‘Cause what’s important is that I don’t feel it running there, but it’s there?

Model Name

As the name of the model suggests, the midsole is completely from the boost material. They produce the TPU in the form of small energy balls and then assemble them in a mold. The base obtained in this way is said to provide the highest energy return in the running shoe industry. The difference between the running shoe soles is higher than the standard material EVA, which is higher than the EVA. In very cold weather conditions, EVA soles have a slightly harder / stiffer structure than normal conditions.

The middle base is completely boosted, but it’s pretty thin compared to Ultraboost. The base of the Ultraboost 3.0 is 29 mm at the back and 19 mm at the back, while the Pureboost RBL is 18 mm at the back and 10 mm at the front. You already feel it running. Boost material is soft, responsive and cushioning is okay, but when you notice this much, the amount of ground changes. This may be your selection criterion (that is, if you feel good to feel the reaction from the ground), you may have to justify it (if the abundance of pillows is a must for you). I’ve used it on the track and on asphalt, and I like the behavior. But if I’m going to be doing a low-tempo, long run on hard ground, I might not prefer much. As I always say, these are personal choices.


The exterior of the shoe is also quite beautiful. Tires in your wrists don’t bother you too much, you can use daily if you do not sink. I use some days. Because of the structure and the air is wrapped in the foot despite keeping the foot warm, not to get wet in the winter causes me to prefer. As I mentioned above, I’m evaluating them in short and high tempo training.

In the meantime, the abbreviation RBL comes from the word ası rebel kal which means “rebel Ha. I think they wanted to refer to their unusual outlook and beyond the standard approach.

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